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Cloud Architect's Master Class


Cloud Computing is the next evolutionary stage in the world of IT. At its core, Cloud Computing is about delivering software and various “software building blocks” as services rather than products. These services are consumed as a utility, and are paid for according to usage rather than via a permanent license (much like how we pay for electricity or water). For the Architect, the cloud combines concepts like system virtualization, service-oriented architecture, and utility computing to create an on-demand, “infinitely” scalable, elastically provisioned, online set of components and services, which form the foundation for a previously-unattainable level of technology innovation. From an implementation standpoint, the cloud provides virtually unlimited resources to implement large and small systems alike.

For IT professionals and people who focus on the operational aspects of the system, the cloud offers managed datacenters that free the organization from the need to manage the physical infrastructure supporting its applications, allowing IT professionals to focus on their true value-add. It is quite literally the industrial revolution of the IT world! For the business, the cloud offers an opportunity for new business models (mostly focused on pay-per-use and long-tail economics), and an unparalleled opportunity for business innovation and growth.

The cloud provides many great benefits, but how should one leverage all this goodness? What are the options, benefits, and caveats for using the different services in the cloud? How should teams organize to better develop software for the cloud? How does one architect cloud-scalable systems?

This class answers the above questions and more, as it goes through the architecture, design, and implementation of cloud components and solutions. In the class you will learn about the different elements of the cloud, cloud architecture and design patterns, how to create robust, scalable, and secure cloud solutions, possible changes to your business model, how to migrate to the cloud, the skills you need to succeed and the supporting processes, and even cost analysis.

This 5 days training class is conducted by a Master Architect who shares his vast experience and perspective with the students, imparting both knowledge and insight, shedding light on different aspects of distributed computing done at scale, and facilitating the mental-shift required in order to “think cloud”.

Who Should Attend:

Any software architect, project lead or senior developer would benefit greatly from the class.

Course Outline:


  • What is Cloud Computing
  • Cloud application taxonomy
  • Comparing Cloud models
  • Cloud components and vendors


  • Running servers in the Cloud
  • Running applications in the Cloud
  • Resiliency and performance considerations
  • Scalability and load balancing
  • Compute resources patterns


  • Transactional consistency vs. eventual consistency
  • Relational databases in the Cloud
  • Non-relational data stores and NoSql
  • Understanding Tables and Blobs
  • Choosing the right storage models
  • Caching
  • Cloud storage patterns


  • Queues in the cloud
  • Pub-Sub and Notifications
  • Virtual private networks in the Cloud
  • Connecting to on-premise resources
  • Cloud connectivity patterns

Identity and Security

  • Security in the Cloud
  • Claims-based identity
  • Managing identities in the Cloud
  • Protecting data at rest and in motion
  • Cloud security patterns

Application Services

  • Content Distribution Networks
  • Load balancers
  • Workflow engines
  • Email in the cloud

Architecting Cloud Solutions

  • Shifting your thinking to the Cloud
  • Implementing resiliency
  • Implementing scalability
  • Cloud architectural patterns

Cloud Operations

  • Architecting the topology
  • Deploying to the Cloud: Methods and Tools
  • Monitoring and Debugging
  • Auto-scaling
  • Cost analysis

The Cloud and the Organization

  • Opportunities and Challenges for developers, testers, IT pros, and management
  • Creating a Cloud-ready team
  • DevOps and your organization
  • The business opportunity of the Cloud
  • Migrating to the cloud
  • Cloud and process

Advanced Topics

  • What is Map-Reduce and how to implement it
  • Advanced storage patterns and uses
  • Implementing scalability using eventual consistency, CQRS, and caching
  • Managing concurrency in cloud applications

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Date & Location

Bad Ems, Germany

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      The Cloud Architect Master Class

Shy is a Chief Cloud Architect with IDesign focusing on cloud computing, distributed systems, and software architecture. Shy was a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft, where he worked for 13 years on projects such as WCF, MSN, MSMQ, and Windows. Today Shy is a Microsoft MVP (Connected Systems) and a frequent presenter at technology conferences around the world. In addition to his consulting work for clients like Microsoft, HP and the US Government, Shy is closely involved with various product groups at Microsoft, and is often invited to participate in advisory boards and design reviews, helping Microsoft shape their future products.
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