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IDesign Trainings

Architect's Master Class
The Architect´s Master Class with Juval Löwy is a 5 days training, and is the ultimate resource for the professional architect. The class is conducted in the style of a Master Class, where a Master architect shares his experience and perspective, and interacts with the students. The class has three parts, on process, technology and SOA, and the IDesign method. While the class shows how to design modern systems, it sets the focus on the ´why´ and the rationale behind particular design decisions, often shedding light on poorly understood aspects. You will see relevant design guidelines, best practices, and pitfalls, and the crucial process skill required of today´s architects. Do not miss on this unique opportunity to learn and improve your architecture skills with Juval Löwy, and share his passion for architecture and software engineering.

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WCF Master Class
Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) is Microsoft's implementation of set of industry standards defining service interactions. But fundamentally, WCF is nothing short of the new .NET, a better way of writing applications. . The training starts by explaining the motivation for WCF, and then continues to discuss in depth how to develop service-oriented applications using WCF. You will see how to take advantage of built-in features such as service hosting, instance management, asynchronous calls, synchronization, reliability, transaction management, disconnected queued calls, security as well as emerging technologies like cloud computing and the .NET Services Bus. While the training shows how to use these features, it sets the focus on the ‘why’ and the rationale behind particular design decisions, often shedding light on poorly-documented and understood aspects. You will learn not only WCF programming, but also relevant design guidelines, best practices, and pitfalls. The material presented includes IDesign's original techniques and utilities and goes well beyond anything you can find in conventional training sources. The objective of the training is not to just make you a WCF expert, but also a better software engineer.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn WCF from the IDesign architects who have been part of the strategic design effort for WCF from the beginning, (and even implemented parts of it), and who offer a profound insight on the technology and its applications.

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Architecture Clinic
Architecture Clinics offer instruction on the IDesign Method along with obtaining practical experience through a comprehensive hands-on approach. The clinic combines elements of teamwork, peer-critiqued, and an IDesign Master architect review, which allows each participant to depart not only with the architecture and design diagrams for their particular system, but also with expertise that would otherwise take years of on-the-job-experience to obtain.

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Advanced Windows
Security Master Class

This is a 3-days deep dive! The course teaches advance Windows operating system security, based on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Server 2008 R2, with comparison to older Microsoft operating systems.

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Cloud Architect's
Master Class

Shy Cohen teaches the ins and outs of Cloud Computing, with a focus on architecture and design, shedding light on different aspects of distributed computing done at scale, and facilitating the mental-shift required in order to "think cloud".

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Advanced User
Experience Design

To succeed in today’s software marketplace, an excellent user interface isn’t optional. Customers are no longer willing to tolerate the crap that developers have been dishing out. An app or a program or a website that a user can’t figure out how to use is an expensive paperweight.

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